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Samuel has become a very experienced photographer specialising in Location and People photography.

Working comfortably with both colour and black & white, no longer film but now fully digital, he has covered Editorial, Corporate and Advertising assignments world wide. Samuel's jolly adventures have included tea pickers in Africa, oil exploration in the jungles of Indonesia and oil rigs in the South China Sea . All sort's of things in all sort's of locations.

Police patrol boats racing across Hong Kong harbour with Samuel shooting out of a helicopter ( oh what fun that was). Bentleys on Palm Beach ( oh what fun that was ),open heart surgery and reportage stories on liposuction and breast implants and so it goes on, better mention industries across Europe as well.

Over the years Samuel has shot many portraits of all kinds of people from the great and mighty to the small and lovely and indeed from the grumpy and miserable to the happy and cheerful.

Samuel's passion is photography, interwoven with a love of people and travel.



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